Device Management

Our cloud-base device management solution enables authentication, provisioning, configuring, monitoring, and maintaining the device firmware and software to assure smooth operations. We are leveraging state-of-the art machine learning and AI analytics technologies to detect anomalies even before they happen.

Content Distribution

Secure, reliable content distribution solution which is optimized to scale your content revenue with cost efficiency. Our solution works seamlessly across cellular, wi-fi and wired end-points delivering content in multiple media formats and retrieve data from the digital sign network. Our data management solution flexible to accommodate store-forward functions on an edge computing architecture.

Identity Management

Our cloud-based identity management system is based on industry standard and proven technologies which are applied to our industry specialty offerings. We feature multi-factor biometric identification of users combined with authentication and authorization across multiple systems which are inside of out cloud or at the customer environment. Besides the users and user groups our IDM system also can be leveraged to constantly monitor and maintain integrity and authenticity of the devices and data across the domain.

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