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Full Size Digital Taxi Top Unit for NYC

The Digital Taxi Top unit is designed to fit most taxi roof lines and to withstand the coldest winter nights, the hottest summer days and all the trauma that city streets can provide.  The design meets all functional objectives, yet provides a clean, contemporary appearance worthy of the most modern city.  This design stands out with its bold directness and refined restraint to unequivocally support the intention of selling advertising.  It’s a welcome expression of great design.
These Digital Taxi Tops are the most modern, dynamic and attention-getting  communication resource on the urban landscape.  In fact they change the paradigm of street and taxi-top advertising.  They offer the capability of:

  • Dynamic advertising
  • Near “real-time”content updates
  • Contextually relevant consumer engagement
  • Geo-Zoning to market targets
  • Day or Week Parting to address a variety of specific campaign objectives

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